You may read or hear whispers that commercial buildings can be onboarded with building analytics software in a matter of hours.  Now, let's hold that notion up to the light and examine it.  The notion of "onboarded" implies some useful deliverable to the building owner. Can you do a BACnet "Who Is" and quickly establish connectivity to points - maybe even map those points?  Sure you can. But then what?

Until the building owner or service provider has rules in place and a mechanism that shares those rules in an easy to understand and actionable way, then all you have done is recreate the BAS capabilities (visualize, trend, etc.) in the cloud.

I think our industry too often misrepresents the soft costs of standing up an analytics solution. Yes - a skilled operator can "set-up" a site in a couple of hours, but what about the time spent collecting equipment naming conventions and attributes, multiple meetings with IT and establishing rules and schedules that accurately match the building operation.

The market is not asking us for better technology to speed the tool set up, they are asking for ways to streamline their IT conversations, minimize their "high end" labor requirements and deliver "easy button" findings to the people who can monetize the data.

Successful onboarding is a process that takes time and expertise.  It goes back to the old maxim of data management - garbage in, garbage out.  Successful outcomes rely on accurate inputs and considered set-up.  So, ignore the false promises.  Implement well and implement once.