Envizi has supported our partner, AGL, in the development of a new product that collects and visualizes gas consumption data every 15 minutes.  The service is best suited to large industrial or commercial gas market customers that use 10TJ/per year or more.

Without access to their consumption data in real time, large gas customers are reliant on aggregated, historical data provided on their invoice. This can present a financial risk as their supply contacts often include maximum limits.  If customers exceed these contract quantities they may trigger penalty rates.  Keeping a close eye on gas consumption in near-real-time has significant commercial and operational benefits.

Whilst sub-metering is commonplace with electrical systems, gas consumption is rarely measured past the front gate.  Historically gas sub-metering equipment has been expensive to buy and install when compared to electrical systems.  AGL has made significant advances in the design of their real time gas offering and is able to provide cost and application benefits for customers.  The combined AGL/Envizi solution gives large gas customers the insight they need to effectively manage their gas consumption in near-real-time.

Given the predicted rise in domestic gas prices on the east coast of Australia, managing the cost of gas is a growing priority for many large gas market customers.  Access to near-real-time consumption data gives clients the information they need to act swiftly and reduce consumption when required to avoid unnecessary maximum demand charges, to employ consumption benchmarking across multiple sites, and track efficiency improvements in gas appliances.

The combined AGL/Envizi solution (AGL Gas Live) is provided as a managed service by AGL.  AGL install the consumption logging infrastructure and ensure data is being sent to Envizi where consumption is recorded every 15 minutes.  Notifications can be configured to trigger alarms when consumption patterns exceed defined thresholds and the data can be accessed at any time of the day via a web browser by multiple users across an organisation or site.

Product Summary

  • Hardware + Software + Managed Service solution
  • Aimed at large gas market customers
  • Logging and power supply hardware installed and managed service support provided
  • Access to data and insights via cloud based infrastructure, enabling users to log-in anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • Gas consumption data captured at 15 minute intervals
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards to analyze consumption
  • Configurable alerts and alarms triggered by changes in consumption patterns

To learn more, contact Envizi or AGL