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May 13
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What's involved in the implementation process?

Envizi is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, which removes the need for clients to install and run the application on their own computers or in their own data centres. Envizi handles hosting the application and storage of the data. This means clients can avoid the costs and hassle of hardware acquisition, provisioning, and maintenance, along with avoiding upgrade and support costs association with on-premise software solutions.

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Nov 27

Are you getting recognition for your green power purchases?

Building rating and emission reporting bodies will grade your organization on its carbon footprint and emissions resulting from electricity consumption. The problem is that all kWh are not created equal.

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Oct 26

Support MedEarth to help save lives and reduce environmental waste

This year at Envizi we are continuing our support for MedEarth, an Australian charity co-founded by one of Envizi’s senior staff members.  MedEarth is saving lives in developing countries, and reducing impact on the environment by recovering and redistributing Australian medical equipment and supplies previously destined for landfill.  This grass-roots charity is achieving real outcomes, and I encourage you to support them too.

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Mar 02

Funding for Sustainability Initiatives in Australia

Don’t believe the hype!

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Mar 01

Tracking gas consumption with AGL Gas Live

Envizi has supported our partner, AGL, in the development of a new product that collects and visualizes gas consumption data every 15 minutes.  The service is best suited to large industrial or commercial gas market customers that use 10TJ/per year or more.

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Dec 20

LJ Hooker saves with Envizi

Managing energy consumption and cost is typically a challenging task.  This all the more complicated for organizations that operate under a franchise business model, where the franchisor does not own the facilities, nor have operational or management control over the way energy is managed.

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Envizi is a market leader in data and analytics software. We put data to work, delivering the insights organizations need to optimize resource use across their buildings and business. We help build sustainable businesses that are fit for the future, and have a proven track record across more than 160 enterprise clients whose operations span over 160,000 locations in 112 countries.