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May 13

How to create a customer-centric HVAC Services Business

Technology is rewiring our expectations for how we experience the world, and buildings are no exception. Though commercial real estate has lagged behind other sectors in digital transformation, recent shifts in the market are forcing your customers to innovate to stay competitive. What is your business doing to become more customer centric?

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Jan 24

EnergyPrint and Envizi partner to deliver seamless energy and asset optimization solution for building professionals

The combination of EnergyPrint and Envizi provides mechanical and energy service providers access to the full spectrum of energy performance data and insights required to deliver optimized buildings.

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Dec 11

The Commercial Property Sector is Ripe for Innovation. What's Next?

Although the Commercial Property sector has historically lagged behind others in its investment in technology, there's a silver lining:  Unseized opportunity awaits businesses in this space looking to gain a competitive edge.

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Nov 28

Boost Operational Efficiency with IoT and Software Analytics

Envizi launches Asset Performance Monitoring.  A software solution to manage all your asset performance data.

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Jun 08

Optimize Your HVAC System with Data Analytics

It makes sense to focus building energy optimization strategies where you'll get the biggest impact.  The HVAC system is a great place to start.

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Jun 08

Alternatives to Equipment Level Sub-metering

Data analytics solutions are enabling teams to monitor and manage electrical and thermal plant equipment more efficiently and affordably than with physical submetering.

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Jun 08

Envizi's Equipment Fault Detection + Softmeters deliver results

Envizi’s Equipment Fault Detection module combined with SoftMetering is at work in multiple commercial buildings in Australia.  In these buildings, Envizi has identified energy savings ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per building, within the first weeks of project implementation.

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