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Mar 01

Tracking gas consumption with AGL Gas Live

Envizi has supported our partner, AGL, in the development of a new product that collects and visualizes gas consumption data every 15 minutes.  The service is best suited to large industrial or commercial gas market customers that use 10TJ/per year or more.

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Mar 01

How-To Guide: Avoid large fines when sub-billing and on-selling electricity

If you currently on-sell electricity, or plan to do so, hExeis (an Australian based energy metering hardware and services supplier and Envizi partner) has provided some useful checklists to help each party understand their responsibilities.

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Dec 22

Use Less Energy with Envizi

One of the best ways to minimize the cost of energy is to use less of it!

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Dec 20

LJ Hooker saves with Envizi

Managing energy consumption and cost is typically a challenging task.  This all the more complicated for organizations that operate under a franchise business model, where the franchisor does not own the facilities, nor have operational or management control over the way energy is managed.

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