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Oct 26

Support MedEarth to help save lives and reduce environmental waste

This year at Envizi we are continuing our support for MedEarth, an Australian charity co-founded by one of Envizi’s senior staff members.  MedEarth is saving lives in developing countries, and reducing impact on the environment by recovering and redistributing Australian medical equipment and supplies previously destined for landfill.  This grass-roots charity is achieving real outcomes, and I encourage you to support them too.

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Jun 14

Tackling rising energy costs – where to focus first

Australian energy prices are rising at a staggering rate.

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Jun 01
todae solar

Todae Solar joins the Envizi family

Todae Solar, Australia’s #1 commercial solar installer and Envizi, a global leader in energy and sustainability software solutions are pleased to announce their new partnership.

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Feb 14

Raising the Profile of Water Data

WaterGroup, a leading water management company and Envizi, a global leader in energy and sustainability software solutions are pleased to announce their new partnership.

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Dec 02

Energy Management and the Digital Revolution

Digital technology is revolutionizing most industries, none more so than in the field of energy management. Easier access to computing resources via the cloud, combined with specialized analytics platforms and applications ‘on demand’, is turning the business of energy management on its head.

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Nov 30

The GPT Group harnesses Envizi to deliver energy management results

The GPT Group is one of Australia’s largest diversified listed property groups with US$13Bn under management.  Their energy transformation achieved outstanding results with GPT rated as number 1 or 2 on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the last seven years, and identified as a Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark leader.  GPT reaped financial returns to match: $95M in avoided costs for electricity, gas and water since 2005, all whist increasing the portfolio under management by...

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Sep 21

Facility Level Energy Optimization

Optimizing your energy use at a facility level should be a key part of your strategy to drive efficiency across your organization.  The best practice approach is to implement a continuous energy monitoring program. This involves identifying what is actually consuming energy in your building or facility, focusing on biggest energy consuming equipment and plant, metering these assets, establishing expected consumption profiles and an operating target for each metering point, then monitoring...

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Sep 21

Securing your energy future with a PPA

Many Envizi clients are considering the role that Solar PV may play in their organisation’s energy ecosystem.  Part of the decision making process should consider how the system will be financed.  We invited Todae Solar (an Envizi partner), to provide insight into solar financing through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

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Aug 30

Buildings Alive and Envizi partner to deliver energy savings in commercial buildings

Buildings Alive, a highly respected and leading independent provider of resource efficiency services for large and complex buildings and Envizi, a global leader in energy and sustainability software solutions are pleased to announce their new partnership.  The partnership will deliver a combination of advanced energy monitoring technologies, data analytics and effective engagement programs, to make energy savings in buildings simpler and more cost effective than it has ever been.

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Jun 08

Finding Gems in Data: Creating value through optimized energy performance

The future of energy management is data-driven, and companies who seize the opportunity early can make significant financial gains and create competitive advantage. Today’s energy management technology offers a whole new level of insight into energy use. It’s all about getting the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time – and the organizations that can do this well will have the edge.

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