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Jun 19
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How digitally mature are North American building services firms? The Building Optimization Maturity Model

The rise of co-working, the growth of the building wellness movement, the increasing imperative to reduce building operating costs, and the pressure to provide buildings with strong green credentials are driving real estate owners to develop new approaches to the way they run their buildings. 

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Jun 19
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Building services firms are being asked to deliver new solutions

For real estate owners it is both a challenging and exciting time, as they face more pressure than ever to deliver material differences to the working environment, meet sustainability goals, unlock financial gains and cope with changes in their own workforce. 

To meet the evolving demands of various stakeholders, building owners are increasing the demands they place on building services firms.

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Jun 11
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Data-Driven Collaboration Targets Commercial/Industrial Property Portfolios With Energy Intelligence

PropTech meets EnergyTech as sustainable building rating schemes move into the Internet of Things (IoT) era

Energy monitoring in buildings – traditionally an expensive and unwieldy sub metering exercise – is becoming more intelligent and data-driven, faster to install, and lower-cost thanks to a new era of wireless IoT-enabled solutions.

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May 13
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What's involved in the implementation process?

Envizi is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product, which removes the need for clients to install and run the application on their own computers or in their own data centres. Envizi handles hosting the application and storage of the data. This means clients can avoid the costs and hassle of hardware acquisition, provisioning, and maintenance, along with avoiding upgrade and support costs association with on-premise software solutions.

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Mar 19

Lee Company Partners with Envizi to Improve Facility Management with Data-Driven Maintenance

Industry leading software tool provides insights for facility managers at the equipment level. Data gathered and analyzed daily can improve use, maintenance of HVAC equipment.
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Mar 18
Copy of Envizi Positions for Global Growth with Funding from Accel-AKKR

Envizi positions for global growth with funding from Accel-KKR

Envizi, a global leader in data and analytics software for building optimization and sustainability, has secured a strategic investment from Accel-KKR, a leading Silicon Valley technology-focused investment firm. 

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Feb 13
SoftMeter 10 FAQs

What is a SoftMeter? 10 FAQs answered

How exactly does 'Software Metering' work to continuously monitor and diagnose issues in HVAC systems? This blog answers 10 commonly asked questions about Software Meters, the technology that underpin's Envizi's Equipment Fault Detection module. 

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Jan 24

EnergyPrint and Envizi partner to deliver seamless energy and asset optimization solution for building professionals

The combination of EnergyPrint and Envizi provides mechanical and energy service providers access to the full spectrum of energy performance data and insights required to deliver optimized buildings.

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Nov 27

Are you getting recognition for your green power purchases?

Building rating and emission reporting bodies will grade your organization on its carbon footprint and emissions resulting from electricity consumption. The problem is that all kWh are not created equal.

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Nov 01

Smart from the Start: The Business Case for Building Optimization

A new digital ecosystem – made up of artificial intelligence, billions of connected devices, fast connectivity and huge volumes of data – is transforming the workplace.

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