It makes sense to focus building energy optimization strategies where you'll get the biggest impact.  The HVAC system is a great place to start.

In a resource constrained environment it makes sense to focus energy optimization strategies where you will get the biggest impact.  In a commercial building, HVAC electricity consumption typically accounts for around 40 per cent of total building consumption and around 70 per cent of base building electricity consumption[i]  so the HVAC system is a great place to start.

Unlike other more costly energy-efficiency strategies such as plant upgrades, optimizing the performance and efficiency of existing HVAC systems can provide immediate reductions in energy use and energy costs. The returns on investment can often be measured in months, not years.

Using meter data to identify operational deficiencies in HVAC systems is challenging as wastage can be incremental in nature and go undetected for long periods of time and hence become hidden in energy profiles.  In addition to this, energy meter data alone tends not provide enough contextual information to detect and diagnose the likely root cause of system related issues.  Effective identification and diagnosis of system level faults and abnormalities requires the integration of BMS data with intelligent data analytics.

A data analytics platform that leverages existing BMS data to automatically detect and diagnose faults and inefficiencies in the operation of your HVAC systems can help to position your organisation ahead of the game. What once took organisations months to undertake by way of costly energy audits can now be achieved continuously, in real time, with automation and software intelligence.

Envizi’s Equipment Fault Detection (EFD) software module has been co-created with industry professionals with deep domain knowledge of building operations, particularly HVAC and BMS systems. Smart algorithms detect not only when things go wrong, but also when your energy intensive equipment is operating in a sub-optimal manner and therefore wasting energy and money. Envizi’s EFD immediately points you to the root of the issue.

Focus on what matters

Envizi’s EFD has been designed with a sharp focus on delivering commercial outcomes for clients. Rather than crowding your inbox with thousands of alerts, Envizi’s EFD targets energy intensive equipment to bring to the forefront faults and inefficiencies that have a tangible impact on your buildings’ operations. The right information is delivered to the right people at the right time, helping your facilities teams to become more productive and proactive in managing energy performance.

[i] (DCCEE Guide to Best Practice Maintenance & Operation of HVAC Systems for Energy Efficiency)

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