Envizi was proud to be a sponsor at the Mechanical Service Contractor Association’s (MSCA) annual conference this month.  Over 850 attendees ventured to the beautiful Broadmoor @ Colorado Springs, Colorado to collaborate and embrace the theme of reENVISION.

MSCA reEnvision kicks off

The education session lineup, keynote speakers and peer group forums were designed to help members reEXAMINE the way they think and look at the industry so they may reEVALUATE their business path to success.

Topics ranged from building sustainable financial health, staff attraction and engagement, empowering service technicians, best practices around work order management, fleet management through to contract and commercial management.

Evident during presentations and peer discussions was the increasing role of technology in an age of business transformation. From asset, fleet and work order management to building maintenance and energy optimization, third party technology partners, like Envizi, help mechanical service contractors cross the technology chasm. 

The Envizi team spent quality time with members during the Expo and conference describing how we partner with mechanical service contractors to enable an analytics-driven service and maintenance model through industry-leading equipment fault detection and diagnostics (EFD).

Key to these discussions was recognizing the need to consider the critical balance of their people, internal processes and systems – as well as technology, to ensure successful business transformation.

The mechanical service contractor industry is largely rooted in strong family businesses that have successfully grown through multiple generations. In talking and listening to members, it’s is obvious they treat their customers like family.

For our first year, Envizi was thrilled to be part of the MSCA 19 Conference and we look forward to working side by side, like family, to drive engagement and success with MSCA members.