If you currently on-sell electricity, or plan to do so, hExeis (an Australian based energy metering hardware and services supplier and Envizi partner) has provided some useful checklists to help each party understand their responsibilities.

Starter check-list for owners and/or users of electricity meters used for trade

  1. Do you have records of when each meter was installed?
  2. Have you updated your meter asset management plan to ensure that if a meter is replaced or added, it is NMI-6 pattern approved and verified?
  3. Do you have records of when each meter was tested, the test procedure, test equipment, test results and the person who executed the test?
  4. For CT meters, have they been checked and tested the earlier of 10 years or when last modified/repaired?
  5. Did the people who designed, installed, commissioned and tested each meter have the required training, knowledge, equipment and competence?
  6. If you are using an Automatic Meter Reading System (i.e. BMS, SCADA, EMS) do you have records of testing the point to point data mapping?  Do you have a formal change management and audit system?
  7. If you are counting pulse outputs, do you have records to show periodic audits of a manual meter read against the converted pulse value?
  8. Are the people who use the meters and/or automatic meter reading system properly trained and competent?

With financial penalties ranging from $6k to $34k per offence, compliance with the National Measurement Act’s requirements makes good economic sense!

First published as the Hexeis blog.