Optimizing your energy use at a facility level should be a key part of your strategy to drive efficiency across your organization.  The best practice approach is to implement a continuous energy monitoring program. This involves identifying what is actually consuming energy in your building or facility, focusing on biggest energy consuming equipment and plant, metering these assets, establishing expected consumption profiles and an operating target for each metering point, then monitoring and tracking against your actual performance.   The comparison will give you a view on how efficiently the equipment is performing and you can take steps to achieve a facility that is managed to achieve optimum efficiency.  The steps required are to:

  1. Gather information
    • Conduct a building or facility audit of equipment and plant consuming energy, noting which points are metered and which are not.
    • If there are significant gaps in your metering infrastructure, you may need to consider installing new meters.
    • Capture and manage your meter data.
  2. Define expected operating targets
    • Establish expected consumption profiles for each point that is metered. Using external analysis, regression analysis on consumption data or weather normalized consumption data.
  3. Monitor Variations
    • Identify variations and issues (monitor variations).
    • Issue alerts and exception reports.
  4. Rank and Resolve Issues
    • Implement no cost solutions immediately e.g. change a control setting or time clock.
  5. Plan improvements
    • Identify opportunities for step wise improvement e.g. more efficient lighting.
    • Build business cases for implementation.
  6. Report Back
    • Measure and verify project impacts.

Envizi underpins this best practice approach by taking care of laborious data capture, crunching and analysis (e.g. establishing targets/expected profiles for your meters)  leaving you to focus on optimizing your buildings and facilities.  Envizi also works with a network of partners who can provide you with the right advice and expertise to help you get started at any step in your energy management journey.

author:  Daniel McCallum, Product Manager - Energy Management