Real Estate Directors need energy management as a first step to achieving Facility Optimization, and the Global, Independent Research and Advisory Firm Verdantix has singled out Envizi as having the industry’s strongest overall functionality for building energy management.

Verdantix’s May 2018 “Facility Building Energy Management Software Benchmark” summarized the results of an in-depth analysis of software vendors identified as leaders in their January 2018 “Green Quadrant Facility Optimization report”.  This new analysis focused on the ability of the software to help facility operators identify opportunities to reduce facility operational costs and to meet organizational sustainability targets.

The research focused on the key functionality required to deliver energy management outcomes, including data capture, enterprise reporting and the importance of a user-friendly interface.  Envizi achieved high scores on all three of these criteria, achieving the highest cumulative score for building energy management functionality.

“Our experience with our extensive client base tells us that organizations looking to optimize the performance of their facilities often follow a similar journey:  they initially focus on meeting sustainability targets, and then look to managing energy costs, before targeting facilities optimization.  Envizi’s solutions toolkit is perfectly matched to this optimization journey, and we are pleased to receive this recognition from Verdantix” said David Solsky, CEO & Co-founder at Envizi.

Read Verdantix’s “Facility Building Energy Management Software Benchmark” report here. A Verdantix subscription is required.